Mission and contents

This site is about The Book – Customer Journey Management

The business as we know it today is made of specialists and fractured responsibilities. The knowledge has been broken into corporate silos. As it is, employees and managers have difficulties understanding the big picture. This book is a catalyst for corporate transformation and has been written in order to help getting rid of the defects of modern organization – blind spots.

The mission is to help changing the corporate mindset and to turn customer journey driven ideology into strategy, operations and a sustainable management model. In other words, creating a customer behaviour driven corporate culture and management.

The Book will be published later in 2012

PART 1: The Art & Science of Customer Journey Management – Toni Keskinen
Customer Journey mapping practice    Customer Journey Management emphasis
Customer Journey and lifecycle
Customer Journey Rules of Engagement
How does Intensity and change of active party influence customer journey?
Activity type
Active buying
Active selling
Rules of engagement in B2B
Customer journey in buying (acquisition)
Entering customer journey stages
Platform – Brand as a road sign
Choosing and Buying – Active decision making journey
Choosing and Buying – Cross-channel influence
Browsing    Configuring
Post-purchase Customer Journeys
Using as a Customer Journey
Customer Journey of using a service
Expected service journeys
Un-expected service journeys    Retail Customer Journeys
Customer relationship dynamics and customer journey    Loyalty & Discontinuity
Rational loyalty
Emotional loyalty
Habit based loyalty
Imprinted loyalty
Contractual (legal) loyalty    Loyalty by structural Bond
MANAGING WITH KNOWLEDGE – Sustainable management model
Business as usual – Where to look for the most common blindspots
A story within Data
Living segments
Proactive, triggered and reactive contacts
Structure & content of aggregated data
Data aggregation in different business types
Soft & hard data
How to plan Customer Journey Management for your company?    Customer behaviour driven business & service development in Symbiosis
Thin realationships – Sales driven business
Strong customer relationship: customer driven business
Models of Symbiosis
Conclusions about Symbiosis

PART 2: Business case of Kotimaa Group: Creating symbiosis in practice – Jarmo Lipiäinen
Introduction of the case company
Objectives and actions
Business case: choosing and buying
Business case: using
Strategic segmenting with RFM (recency, frequency, monetary)
Planning cube
Business case: the symbiosis model






3 thoughts on “Mission and contents

  1. Hey, please tell me when the book is released.

    Posted by ricardo salvador | June 13, 2012, 01:36
    • We are expecting a publishing decision this week from one major publisher and another will give their decision any time now. It doesn’t take long from decision to press as the book is quite ready. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know 🙂

      Posted by Toni Keskinen | June 13, 2012, 06:17


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