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The theory and practices are turning in to a movement – Future CMO

We are currently taking the theory into action with very ambitious goal. We are trying to work as a catalyst for change just as our book is intended to do. The Future CMO Movement is all about creating new kind of collaboration between industries that currently have very little in common but will contribute to common goal, corporate management change and managing with knowledge. See http://futurecmo.org for further information

When we considered this challenge corporate management is facing, we came to conclusion that CMO’s role will change profoundly. The CMO should be capable of offering the horizontal view of the market and deep understanding of the customers, their behaviour and motives. CMO’s should show the way in this ongoing change management and management change corporate wide. Here’s why:

  • CMO is constantly analyzing and tracking the brand’s success and perception in the market compared to other brands and players offering their solution to the basic needs their products and services are paid for
  • CMO’s role is to know and understand how the market works from customer point of view
  • CMO should know how different strategies influence customer behavior, loyalty and consequently business
  • CMO has resources to allocate and he can react in both brand related issues and tactical sales
  • CMO’s job is to make the money work for the company and invest in any purpose resulting profits, growth and competitive advantage
  • CMO has a role is in between corporate strategy, operations, and customer understanding

CMO’s role is obviously too narrow if his silo is only responsible for advertising and promotions. Having the best view on the customer’s needs and perception, CMO should most certainly take responsibility for customer experience, product and service development/concepting. The Future CMO’s role is to be the catalyst for change and to provide the KPI’s to measure it.

CMO has a lot on his table and he can not do this alone. This movement is about supporting the management change and CMO’s. FutureCMO.org will be an open forum for sharing experiences, opinions, practices and cases.

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